Dreaming of a White Christmas?

The best chance for snow this Christmas is farther inland

Wintry weather has been at the forefront this holiday weekend. First the icy travel many of us have had to contend with to start the weekend, and now the prospect of a Christmas Day storm.

Many of you have asked about how likely a White Christmas is for our area. If we define a "White Christmas" as one with at least 1" of snow on the ground on the 25th of December, then the stats look like this:

This storm for Monday presents a possibility of accumulating snow for some of us BUT as is often the case, areas farther inland stand the best chance of snow while coastal locations may see more rain than anything else.

We continue to get mixed signals from the forecast guidance with the suite of American models indicating a greater chance of snow for our area versus the European forecast model.
Here's a look at the American GFS & NAM snowfall forecast as of Friday night for Christmas Day:

Now the European forecast model as well as probability of 3" or more of snow from the Ensemble forecast. As you can see the accumulating snow is farther north with most of our area missing out on 1" or more:

Still PLENTY of time to watch the forecast trends over the weekend. No matter what type of precipitation falls I wish you all the very best of the season and safe travels! A very Happy New Year as well and I will blog with you in early 2018!

Thanks for reading, Mark.

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