February finishing as mildest on record

The top 5 warmest months of February on record. This year will easily become the warmest on record

Although not official just yet, this month of February is turning out to be the mildest on record.

Monday was yet another milder than average day, in spite of the stubborn cloud cover we had most of the day.

What a warm final half of the month of February we have seen...not just in New England but ALL across the eastern half of the United States!

Although THIS month has been mild, we will not look back on the winter of 2017-2018 as significantly "mild". (incidently "Winter" is defined as the months of December, January & February in the world of meteorology). Who could forget that brutal stretch from Christmas through New Year's Day?

Looking at "meteorological winter" average temperatures shows that right now we are tied for the 25th warmest on record, thanks mostly to a chilly December and the early part of January.

The final numbers on February as well as Meteorological Winter will be out Thursday and I'll have them for you...oh, and also we'll be tracking a late week storm likely to bring lots of wind, waves, rain and possibly some snow too! March brings all sorts of fun so stay tuned!

Thanks for reading, Mark

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