Flooding rain moves in Friday

Rain totals still may reach over 3" in some parts of southern New England by the time the storm ends around noon Saturday

Friday's Update: The forecast has stayed more or less the same since Mark's update last evening, but we want to keep you in the know! The showers started off rather slow. By the evening commute, the steadier, heavier bands will push in to the region and won't slow until Saturday ~3pm.

Models have scaled the rain totals back a bit, but the possibility of 3" is still very much in reach.

Something else of note: temperatures will be making a massive swing. Friday's record high was set just last year in 2017 at 60°. Dependent on the rain cooled air, TF Green could record a new high today! We'll check back in to let you know if we officially get there.

Saturday, temps take a dive and Mark's original forecast of ice development is still on track as the teens return Sunday morning.

-Meteorologist Zack Green


Original Blog:

The combination of mild temperatures and a few inches of rain through midday Saturday will certainly knock back the extent of our snow pack. Unfortunately, all of that melting will come at a cost, namely flooding.

Although there will be some showers in the area for the morning commute Friday, the heaviest rain will fall Friday evening into Saturday morning. This is when I expect the biggest travel impact with big puddles on area roads due to clogged storm drains.

Rain totals still look like AT LEAST around 2" with this storm with some forecast guidance still suggesting a bit more than 3":

As the rain ends the cold makes a QUICK return. In fact, temperatures MAY drop below freezing as early as 1 or 2PM Saturday, especially across inland locations. This COULD lead to icing on area roads Saturday afternoon and evening:

Those of you heading to Foxboro for the Patriots Playoff game will want to dress warmly. Looks like kickoff temps will be in the lower 20s with a wind chill near 10 degrees!

The extended forecast shows a return to cold, dry weather on Sunday with a chance of some snow or a snow/rain mix Tuesday into Wednesday as that part of the forecast remains a bit unclear at this point.

Thanks for reading, Mark

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