Florence update and potential impact locally

    Rain potential MAY reach over 30" in isolated spots

    As Hurricane Florence moves closer to the North Carolina coast, forecast model guidance continues to review the storm's impact on many levels.

    With a land-falling major hurricane the immediate concern is always centered on the storm surge, the potentially deadly push of water forced ashore as the storm moves in.

    In this particular case the surge is expected to range from 2-13 feet across the Carolinas!

    After landfall, which is forecast to be early Friday morning near Wilmington, NC, the storm will likely slow down or perhaps stall out completely.

    Forecast track of Florence from the Nat'l Hurricane Center

    At this point the inland flooding becomes the major concern as the storm remains blocked from moving north:

    Strong high pressure over the northeast blocks Florence from moving north, keeps it stalled across the south

    The result may be several days of locally heavy rain resulting in catastrophic flooding across the South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia regions.

    Rain potential MAY reach over 30" in isolated spots

    Local headlines for the Carolina coastline

    Impacts locally from Florence continue to be limited to the maritime community, boaters particularly as offshore swells increase Wednesday through the end of the week.

    Impacts locally mainly to the marine community. Rip currents as well at local beaches

    What's left of the rain from Florence *MAY* get pulled north by a frontal system some time early to mid next week in the Tuesday-Wednesday time frame but that will be determined by the eventual path the storm takes over the upcoming weekend.

    We'll keep you updated on the future changes over the course of this week.

    Thanks for reading, Mark

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