Friday's snow is accumulating quickly in southern New England

The first flakes rolled into Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts around 3am Friday morning. Between 3-5am, surface temperatures were into the mid 30s. Thus, as the wet, heavy snow fell, accumulation didn't occur too quickly. But, colder air was mixed in and temperatures slid below the freezing mark around sunrise (6:06am).

Steady snow began and accumulation quickly built up in some places. By 8am, a few locations were measuring over 2" with some reaching the 3" mark.

The snow will continue with moderate rates through about 1pm and then begin to taper off. We're still looking at 3-5" for most of Rhode Island and higher amounts for the southcoast of Massachusetts.

The StormTeam10 crew will be bringing you updates throughout the day. Be sure to keep it with "10" as we monitor this system

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