Geminid meteor showers begin tonight

    Geminid meteor showers begin Tuesday night<p>courtesy{/p}

    Widely considered to be one of the best meteor showers of the year, the Geminids start tonight.

    Although the peak dates for the Geminids won't arrive for another week or so (they are expected to peak on December 13-14th), we should start to see a few of the meteors or "shooting stars" overnight Tuesday into Wednesday morning AND for the next couple of weeks, weather permitting!

    Given the name "Geminid" as they meteors appear to originate from the constellation Gemini

    One of the unique aspects of the Geminis meteor showers is that they are NOT created from the debris of a comet, instead it is an asteroid named 3200 Phaethon which orbits the sun once every 1.4 years.

    Its particles hit the Earth's atmosphere at about 22miles per second, burning up and creating the flare we see as the shooting star or meteor shower!

    You don't need any special equipment to view the meteors, just try to get as far away from man made light as possible and look up!

    Lower in the sky during the evening and progressively higher in the sky as the night wears on.

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    For more information on the meteor showers, click this link and keep an eye on the sky conditions in our forecast over the next 2 weeks.

    Tonight's sky will be clear for viewing and overall the forecast into the weekend offers great opportunities for seeing the meteors as well.

    Of course it will be cold so be sure to dress warmly!

    Thanks for reading, Mark!

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