Heavy rain, wind, and power concerns

Tuesday's Timeline

Tuesday morning's fog was certainly a problem for the commute. Visibility was reduced down to 0 at one point in Providence! Come 9am, fog conditions had improved considerably, but rain drove in to make for a dreary and overall gloomy day.

While the rain is going to be the first headache today, the really reason for this blog is to show the combination of elements that could lead to power outages. The rain is still expected to be heaviest during the early to mid afternoon. At it's height, there will be some pockets that dump 0.25-0.5" per hour.

As the steady rain saturates the area, the wind will be the culprit for power outages. Weakened tree limbs could come down in the 45-50mph gusts.

There have been isolated outages this morning (which may or may not weather related), but if you have an outage and need to report it, contact National Grids Outage site for assistance.

-Meteorologist Zack Green

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