Historic March storm was official blizzard for some

Blizzard conditions, 3 or more consecutive hours of 1/4 mile visibility AND 35mph or higher wind met at all of these locations Tuesday

As advertised, this most recent nor'easter produced some prolific snow totals across Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts.

Amounts near two feet across parts of northern Rhode Island, over a foot and a half for some areas in Bristol County Massachusetts!

For parts of the area, it became an official blizzard. Visibility reduced to 1/4 mile or less AND sustained wind or frequent gusts of 35 mph or higher for three consecutive hours or more in these locations:

By all accounts, this will go down as one of the largest single-day snowstorms in the month of March for southern New England.

Up to this point, these were the three largest single-day storms for March in the Providence area:

Unfortunatley the snow total from TF Green Airport came in a bit lower than expected (in my opnion!) from this storm.
Officially at 9.5" with surrounding areas clser to 12", but oh well.

For the record, I took an updated measurement at 8 p.m. and found 14" at our Cranston studio, just a short distance from the airport!

And not to get too carried away, BUT something to keep an eye over the next week is the forecast for NEXT Tuesday into Wednesday.

A strong signal of ANOTHER coastal storm with an uncertain track but the way this month has gone it seems silly to write it off at this point:

Thanks for reading, Mark

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