Icy Tuesday night, but LOTS more melting ahead

Icy spots likely overnight into Wednesday morning with temps like these

First off, a word of caution tonight, temperatures will dip into the teens and lower 20s early Wednesday morning watch for areas of black ice early on:

Sunshine continues Wednesday with seasonable highs in the afternoon, mid to upper 30s for most.

The milder air arrives Thursday as a southwest wind pushes a warm front to our northwest, we SHOULD see highs reach near 50 degrees in the afternoon

Concern is growing tonight over the possibility of some heavy rain Friday into Saturday with local street AND possible river flooding. While it is early still, forecast guidance is in fairly good agreement over the possibility of 2-4" of rain in the 7am Friday-12PM Saturday time frame.

Temperatures will likely reach well into the 50s Friday & Saturday, especially over inland areas, this also will increase the level of melting across the area.

Don't forget, the ground is frozen so there is no place for this water to go. As it runs off it will likely cause significant road flooding, eventually making it into the rivers & streams, raising flood concerns in that area as well.

Many local waterways still have quite a bit of ice on them and as the ice begins to break up this ALSO could increase flooding concerns.

Still a few days to ingest the latest forecast info but this is certainly one to keep an eye on. Again, the rain won't likely start until early Friday morning and will be out of here around noon Saturday. We will keep you updated every step of the way.

Thanks for reading, Mark

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