Major winter storm moves into Southern New England

Snow forecast for the area with the highest potential across eastern Mass where the Blizzard Warning is in effect

The Monday afternoon forecast guidance came in stronger for the storm, and therefore our snow and wind forecast has ramped up a bit.

Here's the timeline:

Snow (and rain for eastern Massachusetts) arrives overnight. Roughly midnight-2am from south to north.

The height of the snow and wind will occur Tuesday morning through mid afternoon.

These wind gusts are strong enough to cause power outages, especially across eastern Massachusetts where the wind will be stronger and the snow will be a bit wetter and heavier.

Snow amounts will range from 10-18" for most of the area with the potential of 18" or more farther east into Plymouth County Massachusetts

Travel is NOT advised, especially through late afternoon. The intensity of the snowfall rate will be greater than what the plows can handle at times meaning the roads will remain snow covered and treacherous.

The snow will taper to snow showers Tuesday evening, bringing an end to the accumulation BUT we still may have a few snow showers along with a brisk wind causing blowing and drifting through the night.

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