No Major Floods, Rain Ending


While 1 to 3" of rain made for a soaker Saturday night into Sunday, there have been no major reports of flooding across the region, although there are problems in poor drainage areas, along with ponding on roadways. Be on the lookout of some minor flooding along creeks, streams, and rivers as the rain tapers. It will take a while for all that water to make its way to the bays and ocean.

The long term trend over the next 10 days is for temperatures to be running on average above the 'normal' for this time of year. There will be a few bouts of seasonably cold weather (Tuesday, and Saturday the way it looks right now), but they will be short-lived.

Each week, we're adding on average 15 or so of minutes of potential daylight as we make the slow climb out of the depths of Winter.

That being said, for the snow lovers, there's still plenty of time to get more. Remember the April Fools Day Blizzard that brought 18 inches of snow to Providence. And, May 9, 1977, is the latest snowfall of any winter season on record in Southern New England. There were four to eight inches of snow here. Four to eight, not 48, where if you say it fast, it can be a little deceptive. Otherwise, think Spring!

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