Nor'easter is here

The current estimated snow totals for Tuesday's storm.

The third nor'easter storm in less than two weeks is here in Southern New England with very heavy snow and very gusty winds.

The snow is making roads very slushy this morning as temperatures are hovering just above freezing in many areas. As the snowfall rates increase with more intense bands of snow and temperatures drop off a bit, we will see it pile up quickly on all surfaces. Travel is fast becoming difficult.

The timeline for today's storm has heavy bands in place right from first light.

Throughout the day, intense snow bands will make travel nearly impossible and dangerous with whiteout conditions.

As the storm comtinues into the afternoon, blizzard donditions are expected in eastern Massachusetts and possible in Rhode Island. A blizzard is defined as a storm which has winds greater than 35 mph and visibilities of 1/4 mile or less for at least 3 hours.

We should see the steady and heavy snow begin to wind down tonight, but snow showers may linger into the overnight.

Snow totals will be hefty with this one as many areas have the potential to top a foot of accumulation, expecially in eastern Massachusetts. Computer models put the jackpot region for highest amounts in SE Mass.

And here is what you can expect in your neighborhood from Storm Team 10:

Wind will be a big part of today's weather as well. Winds right now are just getting started! We could see gusts top 60 mph in eastern areas as we get into the meat of the storm. As a result, scattered power outages are possible as well as tree and property damage. Blowing and drifting snow will become an issue and visibilities will be extremely low, making travel hazardous.

As this is a developing situation, these totals may be adjusted. Please check back in throughout the day as we keep you updated.

Thanks for reading!

Kelly & Zack

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