A rainy ending turns into a quiet start


October ended on a noisy note. In the final 7 days, Providence alone recorded 4.46" and completely wiped out the month's rain deficit. The sometimes powerful rain and wind left tens of thousands without electricity for days and even stifled some Halloween plans. But the spookiness ended when we turned the calendar page.

(Image: October climate report for Providence. Rain totals for the final week are boxed in red.)

November has started off relatively quiet and Rhode Island only recorded trace amounts of rain for the first week. Scattered showers returned on Monday afternoon but truly didn't amount to much. Another round of rain on the way for Tuesday evening, but it's looking to be another lack luster event.

(Image: Hi-resolution model showing showers moving in by Tuesday evening.)

By Wednesday morning, most of the showers should push east. Some lingering light rain is still possible for Bristol and Plymouth County, but I'm anticipating roughly 0.25" of rain when all is said and done.

(Image: Rain totals for Tuesday evening's system.)

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-Meteorologist Zack Green

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