One of the wettest fall seasons about to get even wetter!

Rain forecast by early Saturday morning

In what has already been one of the wettest fall seasons to date, we have MORE rain heading our way.

After a dry and seasonable Thursday, we can expect rain to return by Friday afternoon and it MAY be locally heavy for a time Friday night into early Saturday morning.

Forecast estimates put this next round of rain in the 1/2" range across most of southern New England.

Local rivers are running high with all this recent rainfall and with more on the way this situation won't change anytime soon.

In fact, we have already eclipsed our average annual precipitation totals and there is still over 50 days left in 2018!

Looking ahead into early NEXT week, signs point to another storm with potentially MORE rain than the one heading in this Friday.

Some of the forecast guidance is telling us that totals of 1" or more are possible with the Tuesday storm followed by a blast of cold air.

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Perhaps the coldest air of the season for Wednesday into Thursday with wind chill temps in the teens and 20s!

Certainly a wild ride ahead.

Thanks for reading, Mark.

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