Rare 'piebald' deer spotted in Rhode Island

Piebald deer spotted in Burrillville. Courtesy nrinow.news and the Wallum Lake Rod and Gun Club

There was a unique sighting in northern Rhode Island, as a rare "piebald" deer was spotted in Burrillville.

As first reported by nrinow.news Thursday, a member of the Wallum Lake Rod and Gun Club shared video of the animal.

The video of the sighting, while brief, has yielded nearly 10,000 views as of Friday night.

It seems as though a genetic abnormality in whitetail deer causes this unique look, found in only about two percent of the species.

So rare indeed!

Not to be confused with an "albino deer," the piebald version does NOT have pink eyes and a pink nose (their eyes and noses are both brown).

Aside from the stark white markings of their coats, piebald deer also are known to have an overbite, short legs, scoliosis, along with a propensity of internal organ deformities.

So, keep a close eye out next time you are walking through the woods. You never know what you just might spot!

Thanks for reading, Mark!

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