Several fast changes ahead into the weekend

Rain starts around 1AM Thursday

Temperatures Wednesday afternoon reached into the 50s for some areas for the fourth time in the last 5 days:

And many areas will be BACK in the 50s both Thursday & Friday afternoon. However, a couple of fast moving, relatively weak systems will pass through both early Thursday AND Friday morning with the chance of rain.

As you can see from the image above we will see a brief period of rain overnight into Thursday morning roughly from 1am-6am:

This is the first in a series of fast moving systems which will effect our weather. Another rain maker zips through early Friday.

I won't get into the weekend storm in great detail here, instead saving that for a later blog post. But the potential still exists for a fast moving wave of low pressure to pass off our south coast early Sunday morning.
The track of the storm is not clear at this point and possible scenarios range from a miss to our south, to a decent amount of accumulating snow, to perhaps even a track close enough to our coast to change snow to all rain.

The timing of the storm SEEMS to be in the 7pm Saturday to 7am Sunday range right now. And as I said above I will have another, more detailed post about this weekend's system in another day or so.

Until then enjoy the milder temps, and thanks for reading, Mark

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