Should New England shift time zones?

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You can hear the collective groans getting louder & louder as we approach the end of Daylight Saving Time this weekend. Of course we will turn the clocks back 1 hour at 2am on Sunday and return to Eastern Standard Time. The result:

The changing of the clocks is a controversial issue...I've heard from both sides on my social media accounts...I have to say the majority favor the later sunset vs. the earlier sunrise but there are still loud voices who love their morning daylight arriving an hour earlier.

NBC10's Ashley Cullinane addressed the issue of New England shifting time zones in our Thursday evening 6PM news.

It's not a cut & dry issue...if we shift to the Atlantic Time Zone in New England does the New York City area follow suit? Or will business people travelling from our area to the Big Apple have to adjust thier watches an hour each time they commute back & forth?

Consider this stat, however. At the heart of of darkness this winter our earliest sunset occurs over a 10 day stretch from December 3-13 at 4:15pm. Now move to the far western edge of the Eastern time zone into Indianapolis, IN. The same dates in early December feature a sunset over an hour later at 5:21pm.

Of course Indianapolis doesn't see the sunrise until nearly 8am and that's what the critics of shifting the time zone cite as the main reason for us to keep the clock change practice in place, a later sunrise time means a longer time in the dark for the kids to wait for the bus or walk to school.

Regardless of which side of the dabate you find yourself on the fact is that clocks WILL go back this weekend and after Saturday's 5:37pm sunset we will have to wait until March 3rd to see the sun stay up that long again. That's 119 sunsets away!

Thanks for reading, Mark

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