Expect significant impacts from upcoming storm

Coastal storm developing to our south Friday

Thursday will bring a beautiful start to March, with highs up near 60 degrees for inland areas.

But this nice stretch of weather ends right there.

Low pressure developing to our south Friday morning will bring periods of heavy rain and increasingly gusty wind through the afternoon.

The wind will increase late Friday morning and there is the potential for scattered power outages into Saturday morning, especially near the coastline where the wind will be strongest:

Travel will be impacted from the wind and rain Friday, likely impacting both the morning AND evening commutes. Watch for local street flooding all day long:

Most likely, the biggest impact from this storm will be the potentially major coastal flooding across eastern Massachusetts.

This is due to the size & strength of the storm, as well as the astronomically high tides due to the full moon.

This flooding may rival what this area saw during the early January blizzard:

Although the worst coastal flooding will occur to our east, I do want to point out that even around Narragansett and Buzzards Bay, as well as the southwern coastline of Rhode Island the water levels will be higher than usual and we MAY experience some minor coastal flooding in these areas as well.

We MAY see some of the highest water levels locally on Saturday. The tidal forecast maps below reflect that:

This storm will not move away quickly over the weekend as there is a significant "atmospheric road block".

A massive storm west of Ireland will cause our storm to stall out and only slowly move to our southeast into Saturday night:

Finally, one last aspect of this storm for us to watch will be the possibility that the rain MAY turn to a period of wet snow Friday night into early Saturday.

The areas most likely to experience this would be inland higher elevations but there is a greater than usual level of uncertainty with this since the storm will be so large and so strong.

Needless to say, this is an important storm to pay attention to.

The track of a storm this size and strength can shift easily causing significant changes to our weather conditions.

We will have all of the updates and future changes for you right here and of course on NBC 10 News!

Thanks for reading, Mark

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