Snowstorm departs, replaced with arctic air (Again?!)

Point Dock Shelter Harbor (Photo courtesy of Margaret Leffert)

As the first Snowstorm of 2018 moves away from the area, two surges of Arctic air are following in its wake.

On top of that, there was moderate if not major coastal flooding along the North and East facing coastal areas of Massachusetts with a 2 to 3 foot storm surge that coincided with a high astronomical tide as the storm was making its closest pass.

That flood water will freeze solid where that are some pockets near the coast measuring six feet deep.

From our friends at the SKYWARN Network, volunteer Ham Radio operators, the following preliminary reports from the storm:

..Updated snowfall reports, wind gust, wind damage reports, and coastal flood reports..

Snowfall Reports (600-950 PM):

Chicopee, MA: 6.4"

Haverhill MA: 12.5"

West Warwick, RI: 15.0"

Ware, MA: 10.5"

Northampton, MA: 10.5"

East Longmeadow, MA: 10.0"

Pepperell, MA: 13.5"

Stow, MA: 11.5"

Boxford, MA: 18.0"

Dorchester, MA: 14.5"

Auburn, MA: 18.0"

Rockland, MA: 16.3"

Taunton, MA: 16.5"

Sterling, MA: 15.8"

South Plymouth, MA: 1.0"

Walpole, MA: 16.4"

Wrentham, MA: 19.0"

Brockton, MA: 16.4"

Ashburnham, MA: 17.4"

Granby, MA: 11.5"

North Chelmsford, MA: 13.0"

Chester, MA: 12.3"

Tiverton, RI: 14.0"

Millis, MA: 13.0"

New Bedford, MA: 7.3"

Acushnet, MA: 6.0"

Danielson, CT: 11.0"

Ashford 10.0"

Woodstock 13.0"

S. Windham 6.0"

Chaplin 9.5"

Sterling 12.5"

Pomfret 8.0"

Eastford 10.0"

West Acushnet, MA: 6.6"

Bristol, RI: 15.0"

Cranston, RI: 16.0"

Natick, MA: 13.5"

Bradford, MA: 12.0"

Manchester, CT: 9.4"

Columbia, CT: 8.7"

West Peabody, MA: 17.0"

Dover, MA: 14.0"

Franklin, MA: 14.5"

Bridgewater, MA: 18.3"

Fall River, MA: 14.3"

Staffordville, CT: 16.6"

Westford, MA: 12.0"

Taunton, MA: 17.5"

Scituate, MA: 9.8"

Chelmsford, MA: 10.0"

Belchertown, MA: 13.0"

Amherst, MA: 13.0"

Hadley, MA: 13.0"

Turners Falls, MA: 11.0"

Scituate, RI: 13.0"

Sharon, MA: 15.0"

Ayer, MA: 14.7"

North Smithfield, RI: 11.6"

Dracut, MA: 15.4"

Coastal Flood Reports:

128 PM: Charlestown, MA: Tide 6" out of dry dock #2 and flowed down 1st Avenue - road closed

134 PM: Weymouth, MA: King Cove Road - coastal flood waters surrounding homes and Neck street near Wessagusett Beach flooded

137 PM: Chatham, MA: Salt Works Village Area - Water rescues in progress and evacuation of residents

150 PM: Brewster, MA: Abergris Circle - 1 foot of coastal flooding

200 PM: Yarmouth, MA: Thatcher Shore Road - localized coastal flooding

210 PM: Harwich, MA: Route 28 impassable due to coastal flooding in East Harwich and South Chatham Road in South Harwich impassable due to flooding

238 PM: Dennis, MA: several roads closed from closed flooding including Route 6A at Airline road and at Paddocks Path

239 PM: Oak Bluffs, MA: East View Avenue, Lake Avenue and East Chops Drive - closed due to coastal flooding

239 PM: Edgartown, MA: seaview avenue from sea wall to triangle closed due to coastal flooding

242 PM: Yarmouth, MA: Greys Beach boardwalk destroyed by ice and storm surge

Wind Gust Reports (40 MPH or Greater):

539 AM: Nantucket, MA: 49 MPH Gust

542 AM: Nantucket, MA: 40 MPH Gust

618 AM: Charlestown, RI (East Beach): 43 MPH Gust

622 AM: Nantucket, MA: 41 MPH Gust

623 AM: Charlestown, RI (East Beach): 44 MPH Gust

629 AM: Charlestown, RI (East Beach): 48 MPH Gust

629 AM: Woods Hole, MA: 45 MPH Gust

641 AM: Nantucket, MA: 51 MPH Gust

645 AM: Nantucket, MA: 52 MPH Gust

649 AM: Nantucket, MA: 54 MPH Gust

653 AM: Nantucket, MA: 56 MPH Gust

654 AM: Woods Hole, MA: 46 MPH Gust

703 AM: Aquinnah, MA: 42 MPH Gust

704 AM: Aquinnah, MA: 43 MPH Gust

708 AM: Woods Hole, MA: 48 MPH Gust

715 AM: Nantucket, MA: 59 MPH Gust

718 AM: Woods Hole, MA: 53 MPH Gust

726 AM: Nantucket, MA: 64 MPH Gust

727 AM: Aquinnah, MA: 47 MPH Gust

735 AM: Woods Hole, MA: 54 MPH Gust

731 AM: Lynn, MA: 42 MPH Gust

742 AM: Fairhaven, MA - West Island: 46 MPH Gust

742 AM: Westport, MA - Horseneck Point: 42 MPH Gust

744 AM: Orleans, MA: 42 MPH Gust

746 AM: Nantucket, MA: 65 MPH Gust

752 AM: Fairhaven, MA - West Island: 48 MPH Gust

754 AM: Orleans, MA: 46 MPH Gust

804 AM: Nantucket, MA: 76 MPH Gust

804 AM: Wellfleet, MA: 75 MPH Gust

810 AM: North Truro, MA: 52 MPH Gust

814 AM: Orleans, MA: 52 MPH Gust

816 AM: Charlestown, RI (East Beach): 49 MPH Gust

824 AM: Yarmouth, MA: 43 MPH Gust

826 AM: Westport, MA: 43 MPH Gust

839 AM: Charlestown, RI (East Beach): 51 MPH Gust

839 AM: Aquinnah, MA: 53 MPH Gust

848 AM: Chatham, MA: 57 MPH Gust

853 AM: Edgartown, MA: 53 MPH Gust

906 AM: Portsmouth, RI: 41 MPH Gust

904 AM: Orleans, MA: 54 MPH Gust

908 AM: Woods Hole, MA: 57 MPH Gust

922 AM: Fairhaven, MA - West Island: 52 MPH Gust

925 AM: Duxbury, MA: 40 MPH Gust

933 AM: Middletown, RI: 41 MPH Gust

940 AM: Westport, MA: 48 MPH Gust

941 AM: Vineyard Haven, MA: 43 MPH Gust

948 AM: Nantucket, MA: 64 MPH Gust

954 AM: Aquinnah, MA: 55 MPH Gust

1005 AM: Woods Hole, MA: 66 MPH Gust

1009 AM: Aquinnah, MA: 56 MPH Gust

1025 AM: Vineyard Haven, MA: 50 MPH Gust

1027 AM: Woods Hole, MA: 69 MPH Gust

1036 AM: Fall River, MA: 53 MPH

1100 AM: Rockport, MA: 72 MPH Gust (Sandy Bay Yacht Club)

1103 AM: Nantucket, MA: 76 MPH Gust

1107 AM: Sagamore Beach, MA: 42 MPH Gust

1115 AM: Charlestown, RI - East Beach: 61 MPH Gust

1207 PM: Aquinnah, MA: 61 MPH Gust

117 PM: Nantucket, MA: 76 MPH Gust

120 PM: Agawam, MA: 53 MPH Gust

125 PM: Aquinnah, MA: 66 MPH Gust

144 PM: Marstons Mills, MA: 74 MPH Gust

150 PM: Aquinnah, MA: 67 MPH Gust

154 PM: Orleans, MA: 56 MPH Gust

155 PM: Rockport, MA: 54 MPH Gust

200 PM: Edgartown, MA: 64 MPH Gust

202 PM: Vineyard Haven, MA: 61 MPH Gust

210 PM: Vineyard Haven, MA: 64 MPH Gust

215 PM: Barrington, RI: 60 MPH Gust

217 PM: Mashpee, MA: 59 MPH Gust

218 PM: Edgartown, MA: 65 MPH Gust

230 PM: Potter Cove, RI: 51 MPH Gust

303 PM: Middletown, RI: 50 MPH Gust

455 PM: Barnstable, MA: 71 MPH Gust

607 PM: Rockport, MA: 56 MPH Gust

704 PM: Nantucket, MA: 55 MPH Gust

715 PM: Agawam, MA: 48 MPH Gust

759 PM: Glendale, RI: 46 MPH Gust

826 PM: Winthrop, MA: 46 MPH Gust

854 PM: Warwick, RI: 53 MPH Gust

905 PM: Bradford, MA: 48 MPH Gust

908 PM: Ipswich, MA: 46 MPH Gust

929 PM: Westford, MA: 46 MPH Gust

933 PM: Methuen, MA: 45 MPH Gust

Wind Damage Reports:

818 AM: Duxbury, MA: Washington Street at St George - Wires Down

847 AM: Provincetown, MA: Wires down in the area of the USCG Pier around Commercial Street

914 AM: Attleboro, MA: Fuller Avenue - Wires Down

923 AM: Quincy, MA: Power lines down across a bridge

1053 AM: Acushnet, MA: Nyes Ln - 12in diameter limb down

1053 AM: West Barnstable, MA: Acron Drive - Tree down on Wires blocking Road

1055 AM: Chatham, MA: Main Street - Large Tree down blocking road

1104 AM: Hanover, MA: Country Road - Tree down on Wires

1143 AM: Acushnet, MA: Wires down on Middle Road

1215 PM: Rockport, MA: Apple Cart Road - Tree limb down

1222 PM: Kingston, MA: Trees and wires down scattered through town

1230 PM: New Bedford, MA: Cedar Street - Tree down

1236 PM: Duxbury, MA: Tree down on high tension with transformer down on Lincoln Street

104 PM: Halifax, MA: Tree branch on wires on Home Street

114 PM: Middleboro, MA: Tree down on Route 44 Westbound partially blocking the road

132 PM: Plymouth, MA: Tree down in the road on Long Pond Road

154 PM: Dartmouth, MA: Tree down with Wires

202 PM: Lakeville, MA: Montgomery Road - Tree across road

211 PM: Plymouth, MA: Alden Terrace - Large Branch Down

241 PM: Falmouth, MA: Tree down blocking Baptist Lane

302 PM: Rockport, MA: Tree down on Wires Railroad Avenue

303 PM: Plymouth, MA: Joseph Road - Tree down on wires

316 PM: Dartmouth, MA: Tree down on Wires on Faunce Corner Road

318 PM: Lowell, MA: Austin Road - Wires Down

320 PM: Middleborough, MA: large tree on wires on Wareham Street

330 PM: New Bedford, MA: Wires down on Lucas Street

341 PM: Norwell, MA: Tree down on Harbor Lane

346 PM: Wellfleet, MA: Parrot Point - Tree on Wires

350 PM: Duxbury, MA: Tree on Wires - Lake Shore Drive

353 PM: Sandwich, MA: Peak Avenue - Wires down

402 PM: Fairhaven, MA: Tree down on Wires on Sharon Street

408 PM: Easthampton, MA: Large tree down on wires on state highway

411 PM: Duxbury, MA: Tree down on Wires on Tremont Street

414 PM: Duxbury, MA: Tree down on Wires on Chandler Street

414 PM: Waltham, MA: Tree down on Power Lines on Seminole Avenue

418 PM: Edgartown, MA: Mercier Way - large tree down

426 PM: Lakeville, MA: Tree down on Montgomery Street

443 PM: Pembroke, MA: Juniper Land - Tree down

453 PM: Lakeville, MA: Rhode Island Road - Tree down

531 PM: Sandwich, MA: Cotuit Road - Tree down blocking road, Stowe Road - Small Tree down

556 PM: Dartmouth, MA: horseback rd tree down blocking rd

626 PM: Southbridge, MA: tree down on gulfwood road

626 PM: New Bedford, MA: Trees down on Terry Land Road

703 PM: Dennis, MA: Large Tree down blocking road near Hart Farm

704 PM: Dennis, MA: Tree down on Old Chatham Road

720 PM: Pembroke, MA: Pleasant Street - Large Branch down blocking the road

731 PM: Chelmsford, MA: Fairbanks Road - Tree down on Power Line

841 PM: Plympton, MA: Tree down across ring road

825 PM: Wilmington, MA: Clark Street - Tree down in the yard

Coastal Flood Reports:

948 AM: Dennis, MA: Route 28 by Horsefoot Cove is flooded from Coastal flooding

1123 AM: Plymouth, MA: Warren Avenue (Rte 3A) by Burts Restuarant closed due to coastal flooding

1125 AM: Marshfield, MA: Dyke Road - Great Harbor Marina significantly flooded, Naomi by Walton Avenue is also flooded

1135 AM: Vineyard Haven, MA: Five Corners intersection is flooded. Significant overwash of the seawall onto Beach Road at Farm Pond. Beach Road along Sylvia State Beach is closed due to overwash.

1145 AM: Gloucester, MA: Causeway in West Gloucester is closed due to coastal flooding

1152 AM: Cohasset, MA: Border Street - flooded and impassable from coastal flooding, Margin at Stockbridge impassable from coastal flooding

1156 AM: Scituate, MA: Front Street by Rivas Restaurant - significant coastal flooding/impassable

1200 PM: Plymouth, MA: Azaila Lane - flooded in the area

1203 PM: Quincy, MA: Car stuck in flood waters and ice on East Squantum Road at Victory Road

1213 PM: Nahant, MA: Coastal flooding at Castle Road at Castle Way , Castle at Fox Hill Road, Short Beach Nahant Business district closing these roads

1214 PM: Hull, MA: Coastal flooding surrounding a home on Bay Street and about to breach the residence, Flooded basement and yards from coastal flooding at Hampton Circle

1215 PM: Sandwich, MA: Coastal flooding submerging boardwalk, marina, harbormasters shack and Jones Road and parts of Route 6A flooded and impassable

1216 PM: Gloucester, MA: Coastal Flooding on Commerical Street and River Dale Mills surrounding a restaurant and homes in the area, river dale mills section impassable

1215 PM: Marshfield, MA: Brandt Rock section - Dyke Road is flooded and impassable by the town pier area

1220 PM: Scituate, MA: Gannet Road - 3-4 feet of coastal flooding in the roadway

1220 PM: Salem, MA: Bayview Avenue coastal flooding into basements

1221 PM: Nantucket, MA: Significant flooding in downtown area including Washington Street

1221 PM: Marshfield, MA: water rescues and evacuating areas of the esplanade, bay road, ocean street in the inner marshfield area due to coastal flooding

1225 PM: Scituate, MA: Oceanside drive, Rebecca Road, Lighthouse Road, Jericho Road, Edward Foster Road, Cole Parkway, Front Street and Central Avenue in Humarock impassable due to coastal flooding

1227 PM: Winthrop, MA: 2 feet of water in the road on Pebble Street and coastal flooding on the harborside of the town

1228 PM: Hull, MA: hull shore drive - car stalled in coastal flood waters

1230 PM: Sandwich, MA: Town Neck beach lot and Boardwalk Road closed due to coastal flooding

1236 PM: Ipswich, MA: Jeffrey's Neck Road close due to coastal flooding

1236 PM: Ipswich, MA: Old England Road between Woods Lane and Rocky Hill Road closed to all traffic due to sink hole

1235 PM: Cohasset, MA: Atlantic Avenue, Howard Gleason Road impassable due to coastal flooding

1238 PM: Chatham MA: Starfish Lane - water cut through barrier island. water up to condo complex doors and several cars floating due to coastal flooding

1239 PM: Hull, MA: State Road - impassable from coastal flooding

1240 PM: Salem, MA: Margin street flooded and impassable, home evacuated. Bridge at norh street closed due to coastal flooding, Bay View Terrace and Columbus Ave in Salem Willows section closed due to coastal flooding

1240 PM: Plum Island, MA: Plum Island causeway closed due to coastal flooding

1240 PM: Hingham, MA: Water Rescure of 2 vehicles on Kilby at Rockland Street, Beach Lane and Beach Road flooded and impassable

1245 PM: Hull, MA: Nantasket Avenue closed due to flooding with a home evacuated

1244 PM: Lynn, MA: Lyndon Street at Summer Street - car stuck in coastal flood Waters, eastern avenue at Humprhrey Street flooded out, heath court, coastal flood waters coming into first floor windows from Saugus River

1245 PM: Brewster, MA: Route 6A at AP Newcomb Road close due to coastal flooding

1245 PM: Plymouth, MA: White Horse Beach near Brook flooded and impassable

1254 PM: Sandwich, MA: Town neck beach parking lot under water, cars trapped in coastal flood waters

102 PM: Yarmouthport, MA: Beach flooded and part of Route 6A closed due to coastal flooding

104 PM: Chelsea, MA: 2 people trapped in cars on Beecham Street from coastal flooding

105 PM: Hull, MA: Nantasket Avenue - Nantasket Beach Reservation flooded out from coastal flooding

110 PM: Dennis, MA: Salt Works Road - water surrounding one home of residence and road flooded/impassable

110 PM: Dennis, MA: Arline Road near Route 6A - impassable with a car stuck in coastal flood waters

113 PM: Lynn, MA: Route 1A, Nahant Rotary, Lynn Shore Drive closed due to coastal flooding. Willow Road and Spring Street significant coastal flooding

113 PM: Lynn, MA: Due to ocean flooding Route 1A, Nahant Rotary, Lynn Shore Drive, until further notice. Extensive flooding, Willow road, Spring street.

116 PM: Hull, MA: George Washington Blvd closed due to flooding.

116 PM: Vineyard Haven, MA: Beach Rd Vineyard Haven, Ma from 5 corners to the drawbridge

120 PM: Saugus, MA: flooding on Ballard Street (from Lincoln st. to 107) boat evacuations ongoing

123 PM: Plum Island, MA: 54th Street being evacuated, and Plum Island tpike is closed. Tree down on water street

123 PM: Newburyport, MA: Cashman Park flooded due to coastal flooding

124 PM: Nahant, MA: Nahant Rotary - several cars trapped in flooding water with people inside and rescued. Willow road is impassable underwater.

128 PM: Charlestown, MA: Tide 6" out of dry dock #2 and flowed down 1st Avenue - road closed

134 PM: Weymouth, MA: King Cove Road - coastal flood waters surrounding homes and Neck street near Wessagusett Beach flooded

136 PM: Hingham, MA: 2 Main St - elderly female requesting evac from home. She moved upstairs because her lower level is flooded. 6 main st hingham, water approaching electrical panel

137 PM: Revere, MA: DCR operations report road closure on Revere Beach Parkway (Rte 16), Revere eastbound from Washington Ave to the Cronin rink (Near Rte 107) due to flooding from the marsh

137 PM: Chatham, MA: Salt Works Village Area - Water rescues in progress and evacuation of residents

140 PM: Rockport, MA: Flooding at T-Wharf, and Bearskin Neck Flooding at Goose Cove causeway. Flooding at Riverdale Mills (Hook's Restaurant) with house flooding in the area. Flooding on Commercial St. and St. Peter's square. Essex Ave causeway is flooded with flooding at 73 Essex Ave Mobile Market sustaining flood damage. Parcel I4C@ (next to Building Ctr.) is flooded"

143 PM: Gloucester, MA: – Atlantic Road and Nautilus Road are currently closed to traffic

143 PM: Salem – Derby Wharf flooded

143 PM: Plymouth, MA – eroded bank/bluff at Nameloc, overwash onto Taylor Ave

143 PM: Sandwich, MA: – Road to Town Neck Beach impassable due to 3’ of flooding and waterflow around buildings, splashover damaging beach access stairs and sand fencing, with beach and dune erosion

143 PM: Boston,MA: – Morrissey Boulevard closed due to flooding

143 PM: Salisbury, MA: – Beach Road (Route 1A) impassable due to flooding

143 PM: Scituate, MA: – Gilson Road is flooded and waterflow around buildings, Driftway Road flooded and portions are closed

143 PM: Hull, MA: – Overwash onto Atlantic Ave, 5’ of flood water reported at Hampton Circle

145 PM: Swampscott, MA: Closed for street flooding - Humphrey St from Lynn Lynn to Phillips St.; Puritan Rd @ Woodbine Ave; Atlantic Ave @ Preston Beach

150 PM: Brewster, MA: Abergris Circle - 1 foot of coastal flooding

151 PM Braintree, MA: coastal flooding on Howard Street

156 PM: Cohasset, MA: Jersualem Street from either end of Bow Street is impassible due to flooding

156 PM Cohasset, MA: Jerusalem Street from either end of Bow Street is impassible due to flooding

157 PM Hull, MA: 23 Channel St - Basement flooding, resident smells smoke

157 PM: Duxbury, MA: King Ceasar Road and Powder Point Bridge flooded and impassable. water rescue and evacuations in progress

200 PM: Yarmouth, MA: Thatcher Shore Road - localized coastal flooding

209 PM: Scituate, MA: Front Street flooded at Edward Foster Road, Jericho Road is flooded and impassable east of Porter Street;

209 PM: Quincy, MA: – Gordon Road and Watson Park flooded

209 PM: Gloucester, MA: – Bass Ave flooded at entrance to Stop and Shop;

209 PM: Dennis, MA: – Damaged docks and displaced floats at Sesuit Harbor due to pack ice and flooding.

210 PM: Harwich, MA: Route 28 impassable due to coastal flooding in East Harwich and South Chatham Road in South Harwich impassable due to flooding

238 PM: Dennis, MA: several roads closed from closed flooding including Route 6A at Airline road and at Paddocks Path

239 PM: Oak Bluffs, MA: East View Avenue, Lake Avenue and East Chops Drive - closed due to coastal flooding

239 PM: Edgartown, MA: seaview avenue from sea wall to triangle closed due to coastal flooding

242 PM: Yarmouth, MA: Greys Beach boardwalk destroyed by ice and storm surge

251 PM: Salisbury, MA: access to North End Boulevard and Salisbury Beach Center is cut off due to flooding

251 PM: Sandwich, MA: flooding around buildings adjacent to Sandwich Harbor;

251 PM: Scituate, MA: Oceanside Drive at 6th Ave is impassable due to flooding and overwash, 7th Ave is flooded, Gannet Road flooded and cannot access Surfside Road, Egypt Beach Road flooded and inaccessible, Bailey’s Causeway impassable due to flooding;

251 PM: Duxbury, MA: access to Duxbury Beach and homes around Gurnet Road is cut off due to flooding

251 PM: Chatham, MA: splashover and waterflow around buildings at Claflin Landing, flooding at Ryders Cove at the end of the street and in the marina, beach and dune overwash at Cow Yard Landing, piers and docks around Chatham fish pier completely flooded and waterflow around Fish Pier building.

Snowfall Reports (325-600 PM):

Danvers, MA: 15.1"

North Smithfield, RI: 9.8"

North Chelmsford, MA: 9.5"

Millville, MA: 9.0"

Lynn, MA: 13.5"

East Bridgewater, MA: 14.0"

Amherst, MA: 12.0"

Ipswich, MA: 8.0"

Westford, MA: 9.5"

Acton, MA: 10.5"

Stow, MA: 9.0"

Pepperell, MA: 10.5"

Wilmington, MA: 9.0"

Littleton, MA: 9.5"

Maynard, MA: 10.0"

Saugus, MA: 13.0"

West Peabody, MA: 11.5"

Haverhill, MA: 11.0"

Ware, MA: 10.0"

Northampton, MA: 10.5"

Southwick, MA: 13.0"

West Springfield, MA: 12.0"

East Longmeadow, MA: 10.0"

Palmer, MA: 10.5"

Holyoke, MA: 8.0"

Warren, MA: 12.0"

Longmeadow, MA: 10.0"

Chelmsford, MA: 14.0"

Westford, MA: 11.5"

East Arlington, MA: 16.0"

Wilmington, MA: 10.0"

Holden, MA: 11.0"

Leominster, MA: 11.4"

East Freetown, MA: 10.0"

Mansfield, MA: 14.4"

Braintree, MA: 13.5"

Peabody, MA: 12.0"

North Chelmsford, MA: 10.5"

Stoneham, MA: 13.0"

Acton, MA: 11.8"

Pepperell, MA: 11.8"

Concord, MA: 11.5"

Wilmington, MA: 10.0"

Bristol County:

Fall River, MA: 13.6"

North Ashburnham, MA: 13.0"

Northborough, MA: 12.0"

Dracut, MA: 14.1"

Dorchester, MA: 13.0"

Berlin, CT: 10.0"

Newington, CT: 12.0"

Weatogue, CT: 10.0"

Willimantic, CT: 9.5"

West Hartford, CT: 10.0"

Ellington, CT: 8.5"

Andover, CT: 10.2"

Enfield, CT: 9.8"

Manchester, CT: 12.2"

Marlborough, CT: 7.5"

Granby, CT: 10.0"

Glastonbury, CT: 10.5"

Windsor, CT: 10.0"

Suffield, CT: 10.0"

Wethersfield, CT: 10.0"

Wales, MA: 9.0"

Littleton, MA: 11.0"

Westford, MA: 12.0"

Maynard, MA: 12.5"

Stow, MA: 10.5"

East Bridgewater, MA: 15.1"

Reading, MA: 14.5"

Norh Reading, MA: 10.0"

Quincy, MA: 12.0"

Carlisle, MA: 13.5"

Swansea, MA: 17.5"

Danvers, MA: 15.8"

Peabody, MA: 13.0"

Haverhill, MA: 12.0"

Coventry, RI: 14.0"

Sudbury, MA: 9.6"

North Chelmsford, MA: 12.0"

Tyngsboro, MA: 12.5"

Needham, MA: 12.3"

Bristol, RI: 16.5"

Snowfall Reports (200 PM-325 PM):

West Hartford, CT: 6.0"

Enfield, CT: 8.8"

South Windsor, CT: 9.5"

Weatogue, CT: 9.0"

Marlborough, CT: 6.0"

Willimantic, CT: 8.0"

Andover, CT: 7.0"

Ellington, CT: 7.0"

Granby, CT: 7.0"

Manchester, CT: 7.5"

Windsor, CT: 7.0"

Wales, MA: 7.0"

Mattapoisett, MA: 3.8"

Maynard, MA: 8.0"

Wayland, MA: 8.0"

Ashland, MA: 7.0"

Uxbridge, MA: 8.0"

Sturbridge, MA: 8.0"

Westminster, MA: 8.0"

Boylston, MA: 8.0"

Northborough, MA: 8.0"

Ware, MA: 8.5"

Ludlow, MA: 9.0"

Southwick, MA: 11.0"

Ware, MA: 10.5"

Chicopee, MA: 11.0"

Hampden, MA: 8.0"

East Longmeadow, MA: 9.5"

Everett, MA: 12.5"

Northampton, MA: 8.3"

Union, CT: 6.0"

Westford, MA: 9.0"

South Kingstown, RI: 12.0"

Suffield, CT: 9.0"

Wethersfield, CT: 9.0"

Burlington, MA: 10.0"

Mansfield, MA: 13.0"

Dracut, MA: 10.3"

Millville, MA: 10.0"

Moosup, CT: 9.0"

Woodstock, CT: 6.5"

Salem, MA: 14.0"

Norwell, MA: 13.0"

Sterling, MA: 14.5"

West Warwick, RI: 14.0"

Chelsea, MA: 16.0"

Sturbridge, MA: 12.5"

Hanson, MA: 11.5"

Allston, MA: 9.0"

Barrington, RI: 13.2"

Braintree, MA: 9.0"

Ayer, MA: 7.8"

Dedham, MA: 10.0"

Rockville, RI: 9.0"

Westford, MA: 9.5"

Acton, MA: 10.3"

Stow, MA: 9.0"

Pepperell, MA: 10.5"

Wilmington, MA: 9.0"

Acton, MA: 10.5"

Maynard, MA: 10.0"

Harvard, MA: 7.5"

Snowfall Reports (1215 PM-200 PM):

Acton, MA: 5.8"

Stow, MA: 6"

Harvard, MA: 5"

Fort Devens, MA: 5"

Bridgewater, MA: 10.5"

Mansfield, MA: 9.0"

West Greenwich, RI: 9.5" (2.5" in 90 minutes)

Westport, MA: 4.8"

East Freetown, MA: 5.0"

Plainfield, MA: 4.7"

Westford, MA: 6.0"

Wilmington, MA: 6.0"

Stow, MA: 6.0"

Sudbury, MA: 7.0"

Pepperell, MA: 8.5"

Harvard, MA: 5.8"

Bridgewater, MA: 13.0"

Barrington, RI: 12.5"

South Boston, MA: 12.0"

Wayland, MA: 7.5"

Lancaster, MA: 8.0"

Grafton, MA: 8.0"

Maynard, MA: 6.5"

Pembroke, MA: 7.0"

Wrentham, MA: 14.5"

Walpole, MA: 12.6"

Foxboro, MA: 9.5"

Brockton, MA: 9.0"

Stoneham, MA: 10.0"

East Providence, RI: 12.8"

Plainfield, MA: 9.0" (4.3" last 90 minutes)

Carlisle, MA: 7.7"

Exeter, RI: 8.8"

Fitchburg, MA: 8.0"

Lunenburg, MA: 8.0"

Natick, MA: 9.5"

Needham, MA: 11.0"

Northborough, MA: 8.0"

Snowfall Reports (1000 AM-1215 PM):

Rutland, MA: 6.0"

Burlington, CT: 4.5"

Northborough, MA: 3.8"

Billericia, MA: 3.1"

Columbia, CT: 3.4"

Granby, MA: 2.8"

Hardwick, MA: 2.5"

Acton, MA: 3.0"

Springfield, MA: 2.5"

Dedham, MA: 2.0"

Ware, MA: 2.0"

Southwick, MA: 2.0"

Chelmsford, MA: 1.8"

Springfield, MA (Indian Orchard): 1.8"

Palmer, MA: 1.5"

Harvard, MA: 3.0"

Maynard, MA: 2.5"

Littleton, MA: 2.0"

Ashford, CT: 3.0"

Pomfret, CT: 2.5"

Chaplin, 2.0"

Thompson, CT: 2.3"

Dayville, CT: 2.6"

Pomfret, CT: 2.5"

Assonet, MA: 2.3"

West Warwick, RI: 6.7" (2.7" in last 45 minutes)

Westerly, RI: 7.5"

West Greenwich, RI: 7.0"

Rockland, MA: 4.0"

Lunenburg, MA: 5.0" (3.2" last hour)

Carlisle, MA: 3.3"

Mendon, MA: 2.5"

Springfield, MA - Indian Orchard: 5.0"

Needham, MA: 3.8"

Haverhill, MA: 3.0"

North Smithfield, RI: 4.0"

Lawrence, MA: 1.5"

North Attleboro, MA: 5.0"

Wilimantic, CT: 5.0"

Terryville, CT: 5.5"

New Britain, CT: 5.5"

Weatogue, CT: 5.8"

Suffield, CT: 6.0"

Andover, CT: 5.4"

Vernon, CT: 5.0"

Granby, CT: 5.0"

Durham, CT: 5.5"

Sterling, CT: 7.0"

Enfield, CT: 5.8"

Windsor, CT: 5.3"

South Windsor, CT: 6.5"

Wethersfield, CT: 6.0"

Marlborough, CT: 5.0"

Wales, MA: 5.0"

Turners Falls, MA: 3.3"

Windsor, CT: 5.5"

Walpole, MA: 6.8"

Brockton, MA: 4.0"

Foxboro, MA: 5.0"

Wrentham, MA: 5.7"

Taunton, MA: 8.0"

Barrington, RI: 6.5"

Boylston, MA: 5.0"

Rockland, MA: 8.5"

Pembroke, MA 3.0"

East Bridgewater, MA: 10.0"

Shirley, MA: 4.5"

Snowfall Reports (900-1000 AM):

Berlin, CT: 3.5"

Weatogue, CT: 2.5"

Andover, CT: 2.0"

Vernon, CT: 2.0"

Wales, MA: 2.0"

Granby, CT: 2.0"

Wethersfield, CT: 3.0"

Durham, CT: 2.5"

Groton, MA: 1.5"

Westerly, RI: 3.0"

Enfield, CT: 2.0"

Ellington, CT (Crystal Lake area): 2.5"

East Providence, RI: 2.0"

Westminster, MA: 1.0"

North Adams, MA: 1.0"

Attleboro, MA: 2.0"

Bridgewater, MA: 4.0"

Brockton, MA: 3.0"

Ayer, MA: 2.0"

North Kingstown, RI: 2.0"

West Warwick, RI: 4.0" (2" in 45 minutes)

Moosup, CT: 3.0"

Walpole, MA 2.8"


Rob Macedo (KD1CY)


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