StormTeam10: Friday storms...then the rainbow

Rainbow over Swansea, MA Nicole Searles

It was another active afternoon across the area as expected. A large storm over eastern Canada sent yet another disturbance across southern New England resulting in numerous showers and thunderstorms.

We had a few reports of small (pea sized) hail from Plainfield, CT to Smithfield and Lincoln, RI with these storms but mostly they didn't QUITE reach the intensity level of Thursday's storms.

As the showers and storms appeared!

So many pictures of the beautiful double rainbow from all over the area. The picture above is from my wife from route 6 in Swansea, MA but check out some of these from NBC10 viewers:

NBC10's Brian Crandall in on the action too:

Sure was beautiful...but this rapidly changing weather has ALL of us on our toes heading into the weekend. Expect a few isolated showers to pop up once again in the afternoon Saturday, especially over eastern Massachusetts as the last piece of energy swings around that storm to our north:

So after a sunny start Saturday morning, keep an eye to the sky through the afternoon.

And count on StormTeam10 to have you covered! Thanks for reading...Mark

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