StormTeam10: Historically wet spring

Top 5 wettest spring on record (so far)

It's likely no surprise to you to hear that this spring has been one of the rainiest on record. Rainfall for the months of March, April & May (meteorological spring) has been just shy of 18" so far.

The "normal" amount of rain over that span is just under 13".

The rainiest spring in recent memory happened just 7 years ago, many of us remember the incredible rain of March 2010...and all the devastating flooding across the area.

But most of the rain that spring fell in the month of March (16.34"), the rest of the spring was drier than normal with only about 2" of rain in April and 2.50" in May.

This season has been a total opposite of 2010...this March featured below normal rainfall (3.85" compared to the "normal" of 5")
BUT both April & May have been much wetter than normal, featuring consistent rainfall...consider these stats:

  • 34 out of 90 days this spring have measured at least .01" of rain
    12 days with at least 1/2" or more of rain
    8 days with at least 1" or rain or more (tied with spring 1983 for the most number of days on record with 1" or more during spring period)

With the chance of additional rain in the forecast through Wednesday night, there's a good chance that we COULD pick up another 1/4" to 1/2" of additional rainfall, which would move us up one spot into fourth place on the "wettest spring on record" page.

That's not necessarily a record many of us are happy to set!
Here's to a little more sunshine in the month of June.

Thanks for reading...Mark

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