StormTeam10: Jose slowly losing steam

Strong high to our north and tropical storm Jose to our south reulted in gusty wind all day across southern New England

Jose continues to spin over the same area, roughly 150 miles southeast of Nantucket Thursday night.

The combination of the storm to our south, along with a strong high pressure to our north, resulted in some of the strongest wind gusts we've experienced over the past few days.

Many pictures sent in to our newsroom showed broken branches and even large trees brought down by the gusts.

Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard have been reporting some of the highest wind gusts on Thursday, BUT most of us experienced enough wind to cause a bit of trouble at times.

Friday will feature some rain showers at times and the wind will still be gusty, BUT not at the level it was earlier on Thursday. I'm expecting north wind of 15 mph to 25mph, occasionally gusting over 30 mph.

Don't forget --Fall officially arrives just past 4 p.m. Friday. The weekend will shape up nicely, especially by Sunday!

I intentionally left off the remainder of the 7 day forecast so you can tune back in to NBC 10 news for our latest update...we will be tracking Hurricane Maria next week as it moves up from our south.

High surf is likely from this storm and we will keep you updated on any track changes over the next several days!

Thanks for reading...Mark

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