StormTeam10: Colder air brings ice concern

Here's what to expect moving forward:

Temperatures CONTINUE to fall now that the storm has passed to our northeast...this will pull the colder air back across the area ovdernight. Low temps Wednesday morning will drop into teh teens and lower 20s...with wind chills in the single digits! Watch for areas of ice into early Wednesday, especially on driveways & sidewalks.

Final snowfall accumulations looked like this BEFORE much of it got washed away or at least packed down with the rain earlier Tuesday.

Snow reports from the area:

The strongest/potentially damaging wind gusts are over BUT it will stay gusty all day Wednesday...wind chills Wednesday will be in the teens and lower 20s through the afternoon.

Colder than average temps will stay in the forecast into the weekend AND we are tracking the chance of a little more snow in the weekend forecast...stay tuned!

...thanks for reading...Mark

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