Storm Team 10: October storm wrap-up

A tree falls on a car Old Baptist Road in North Kingstown on Monday, Oct. 30, 2017. (Bonni Kenyon)

"It was worse the Superstorm Sandy."

That was the quote from a National Grid spokesperson speaking about the widespread power outages across the area. In many respects this storm WAS worse than Sandy nearly 5 years ago to the day...the damage from Sandy in 2012 was focused mostly along our southern coast...this storm did not discriminate in terms of wind damage with gusts over 60mph reported from Block Island to Cumberland to Taunton to an astounding 93mph in Mashpee, MA on the Cape.

As of late Monday National Grid cannot give us an exact timeframe of when we will all get our power back, only saying that, "People are going to need to be patient. This is a multi-day restoration effort.."

Here are links to the outage maps for Rhode Island and Massachusetts:

Rhode Island: Click here.
Massachusetts: Click here.

This storm's intensity was signaled late last week but not to the level that we saw it grow to by late Sunday night.

Tropical Storm Philippe had not formed as of Friday night, it wasn't until Saturday when the National Hurricane Center sent out an advisory on the storm. And it still wasn't clear what type of interaction the remnant tropical system was going to have with the powerful front coming through the Sunday morning the impact was clearer, maybe too late for boat owners to take the necessary steps to get their boats to safety:

Remarkably with the recent rainfall over the past 7 days we have seen October 2017 transform from one of the driest months on record to one of the wettest...nearly 90% of this month's rain has fallen in the past week!

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