StormTeam10: Rain tonight, snow (for some) Saturday!

Mainly rain overnight

As this storm cranks up to our south overnight it will continue to send a surge of milder air between 3500-6000 feet in the atmosphere insuring that the precipitation will fall in the form of mainly all rain for the majority of our area:

This map below shows the temperature in the atmosphere around 5000 feet at 2AM Saturday... temperature is in degrees Celsius so where you see "2, 3, 4, etc" that's equal to roughly 35-39 degrees fahrenheit...melting the snow and causing the rain!

The atmposphere will be "warm enough" to support mainly rain through Saturday morning:

However, as the storm moves to our east later Saturday morning, the air will cool enough to support a change BACK to wet snow, especially across inland areas where we could see some minor accumulation on the grass (1-3" possible)

Before the change to wet snow Saturday morning, much of the area will see well over 2" of rain potentially with this storm...big puddles out there on area roads early Saturday morning!

The wind will be an issue for much of Saturday as this storm moves to our south...northeast gusts over 40mph for much of the area, well over 50mph for parts of the cape & islands!

Sunshine returns for Sunday and temps will climb back to NEAR average, in the 50 degree range...phew!

What an end to what has certainly been a less than stellar month of weather this March. Here's to April and some great spring days!

Thanks for reading...Mark

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