StormTeam10: Sunshine, where have you gone?

More rain for us Wed

Tuesday brought more clouds and more rain...even some lightning strikes over the water to our south! It has been a gloomy stretch for us in southern New England.

Does it feel like FOREVER since you've seen the sun? You're not alone...this is the time of year we struggle mightly with the lack of sun...and it's not your imagination. We haven't had sunshine in 5 days...but that's really not too unusual in March.

As you can see March is tied with January & May for the cloudiest months of the year, averaging 15 days of cloudy skies. This is based on data collected over the past 42 years by the National Weather Service.

Winter & spring are the cloudiest months of the year...but what are the months with the fewest clouds based on the last 42 years of data? Well that would be July, August, September & October...all averaging just 12 cloudy days per month (remember that when you plan your family cookout or wedding!)

What also may not surprise you is that March is the windiest month of the year...certainly we've had our fair share of gusty wind this month!

We are smack in the middle of what is statiscally the windiest period of the we transition from winter into spring that wind comes fast & furious at times. As we settle into summer the wind drops off and we find ourselves longing for a breath of wind on those hot, humid days of July, August & September...the 3 months with the lightest average wind speed!

So...hang in there...brighter, warmer & less windy days are ahead...April is right around the corner and the average temperature is climbing. Over the next few weeks we'll see the average high temperature rise over 10 degrees!:

  • April 1st: 53
    April 30th: 64

Thanks for reading...Mark

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