That moon is "Super"

Full moon over the Pell bridge Monday evening, Peter Ryan

If the moon seemed bigger & brighter to you the last couple of nights you are not imagining things! We experienced the first and only "Supermoon" of 2017.

A "supermoon" is defined as the full moon which occurs at or near the moon's "perigee" or closest point to Earth in its orbit. According to NASA, a full Moon occrring at this closer point can appear as much as 14% bigger and a whopping 30% brighter than a traditional full moon!

Although the moon was technically full Sunday morning at 10:47am, the moon's closest approach of its monthly orbit happened about 24 hours later, 4am Monday morning. NBC10 viewers NEVER disappoint when it comes to snapping some beautiful photos! This was taken by Peter Ryan Monday evening as the moon rose above the Newport Pell Bridge.

And this was taken near the URI Bay Campus by Mary Beth Rosati Fry!

If you missed the supermoon, don't worry. This months moon was the first in what is being billed as the "Supermoon Trilogy". Two more "supermoons" will occur next month. In fact January of 2018 features the rare "Blue moon, supermoon" Are you kidding me??!!

Yes the moon is full on the 1st and 31st of January. Read more about this incredible event here:

Thanks , as always, for reading, Mark!

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