The Blizzard of '78: 40 years later

This is me in my snow fort taken the day after the snow ended in February of 1978. I was 6 years old in Seekonk, MA!

Tuesday marks the 40th Anniversary of the Granddaddy of winter storms, the Great Blizzard of 1978. For some of you the storm may not mean much, perhaps you were too young or not even born yet! Or maybe you weren't living in southern New England at the time the storm hit.

But for many of us, the storm remains fresh in our minds and it's SO hard to warp our minds around the fact that it has been 40 years!

For an in depth read check out this link from our local National Weather Service Office. And of course some vintage video from the WJAR archives:

For us natives, the Blizzard is still the storm against which ALL other storms are measured. From the time the first flakes started falling around 10:30am on Monday the 6th of February 1978 until the last flakes ended 2 days later on the morning of the 8th the storm raged! An incredible 20-40" of snow locally:

Officially, the Blizzard of '78 stands as the biggest single snowstorm on record locally. There have been bigger SINGLE day storms but '78 dropped 18" on February 6th and another 10.6" on the 7th producing an official 28.6" storm total at TF Green Airport:

Of course it wasn't JUST the snow. The wind reached over hurricane force at times during the height of the storm. Catastrophic coastal damage along with enormous snow drifts were the result of this wind.

For more vintage of these photos check out our slideshow on

And be sure to stay tuned for RJ Heim's 2 part 40th anniversary retrospective this week on NBC10.

Thanks for reading, Mark

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