This week: Mild start, frigid finish!

Local Highs on Monday

Brace for some fast moving temperature changes this week as we start the week off with a mild and relatively muggy air mass for early November. Highs Monday were near 70 degrees for some of us:

A more seasonable air mass arrives Tuesday morning with highs in the lower 50s likely for Tuesday through Thursday. That cooler air was moving across the Lakes Monday afternoon:

The biggest story this week will be the arrival of the season's first arctic cold front. This happens Thursday night into early Friday morning:

As I mentioned in the video above, often times an arctic airmass brings in a few brief snow showers...this is possible for us Thursday night, especially across interior higher elevations:

We will keep you updated on this big temperature drop all week and of course have details on the potential for some of those snow showers! Certainly a big change this year, up through Monday this has been the mildest climatological Fall on record for the Providence area (September-November).

Will the rest of November stay chilly? Not likely, forecasts for the 2nd to 3rd week of the month are for warmer than average temps to return:

Stay with us as we transition from fall into winter...we'll keep you prepared!

Thanks for reading, Mark

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