Tornadoes, waterspouts and snow! Wild October weather continues

Water spout over Little Compton Tuesday 10/23/18 :Sally Jane Gavin

An earlier update from the National Weather Service on Tuesday's severe weather officially confirming 2 tornadoes for our area.

This was the first confirmed tornado in Rhode Island since August 2012 when Block experienced an EF-0 twister when a waterspout moved ashore.

Although rare, we have seen tornadoes in the state from time to time.
Here's a look at some of the recent history prior to Tuesday.

The same energy in the atmosphere which created the severe thunderstorms and tornadoes also fueled several separate water spouts over the Rhode Island and Massachusetts waters.

Some beautifully dramatic photos and videos!

With that energy to our east today a colder northerly wind was in place.

And that helped some of the mountains to our north to pick up their first significant snowfall of the early season!

And now we shift our attention to this weekend's coastal storm threat.

Much more ahead on the impacts of this storm to follow.

What a month of October!

And just in case you're wondering, winter is less than 60 days away :)

Thanks for reading, Mark!

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