Wednesday's winter weather chances

Snow Totals

As lunchtime rolls along on Tuesday, a band of snow came and went in southern New England. While this could lead to some nuisance snow and somewhat slow travel, the main focus is on Wednesday's storm. Let's go through the timeline:

6am: The system remains off to the southwest and we're simply looking at overcast skies in our region. Morning commute should be smooth.
9am: We're still mainly dry but the first flakes/drops are expected.
12pm: The snow machine really starts to pick up and the area sees some quick accumulation.
3pm: A transition to sleet/rain takes place as warmer temperatures move in from the south.
6pm: Steady, moderately heavy rain continues wiping away most of the accumulated snow. Expect a slow evening commute.
Rain comes to an end before sunrise on Thursday morning.

The amount of snow doesn't look too impressive but it will be coming down rather quickly. Initial indications showed northern Rhode Island receiving ~1". The latest information, and what I deem to be the case, suggests 1" for most the Ocean State with some higher values for those north of Providence. If you plan on driving between 1-4pm, travel will be tough. The snow may be heavy at times and the mix of sleet will lead to slippery conditions. The farther north you go, the more snow you'll see. Worcester could possibly record 3-4" with ski country measuring over 6".

The difference between southern New England and locations farther north is the rain. Once that presses in, the snow chances all but fade away and the rain will help melt what has accumulated.

The final concern with this system arrives Thursday morning. While the snow, sleet, rain come to an end, wet pavement could turn icy overnight as temps dip into the 20s. As always, giving yourself time and taking it slow will help with the stress of the slick conditions.

-Meteorologist Zack Green

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