Colder air starts to creep in

Steadiest rain falling overnight

Strong southwest wind gusts will continue through 4 or 5am. Lingering a bit longer over far eastern Massachusetts.

Rain will be heaviest from about midnight through 5am then ending from west to east by 7 or 8am Wednesday.

Drier air follows for Wednesday afternoon and it stays dry through late Friday afternoon. Colder air settles into southern New England this weekend and we are looking a few waves of low pressure developing off our coastline. Signs point to a possible light snow or mix of rain and snow late Friday night into Saturday morning.

With a track like this any snow amount would be light and with temperatures above freezing Saturday I wouldn't expect any significant accumulations...perhaps as much as an inch or two, but it's still early.

I should point out, however, that the foecast trend over the past 24 hours has been to shift the track of the storm farther east, resulting in lower chances of snow for our area. In fact, the American NAM Model just came in late Monday night and it shows NO snow for the area:

So there is NO certainty of snow this weekend BUT the weather pattern will favor more chances of wintry weather over the next couple of weeks. This map below shows the overall weather pattern through the middle of December. The blue shading over the Eastern half of the country represents below average pressure, favoring colder than normal temps and a more active storm track!

Zack and I will keep you updated on the forecast trend as it relates to this weekend's snow potential over the next few days.

Thanks for reading, Mark.

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