Winter is on extended break!

No sign of any snow in the 10 Day forecast

Coming off back-to-back days with a high-temperature just shy of 60 degrees with a period of soaking rain AND looking at the StormTeam10 Day Forecast:

You might be wondering if winter is EVER going to come back.

Well, it seems as though those signals MANY of the long-range forecast models were sending us last month of a cold snap developing in mid-February were wrong!

In fact looking at the guidance for the next couple of weeks we will likely see temperatures running well above normal:

Official National Weather Service forecasts agree with the milder than the normal trend, as well:

And for those of you hoping for some snow, well the signs are not favorable.

In fact, this map from the European Ensemble Forecast Model shows only about a 25 percent chance of picking up 1" of snow through the end of the month...just 1"!!

Even the temperature outlook for March, which a few weeks ago was looking like a colder than average month according to the long-range forecasts, is trending milder. Now it looks more than likely that temperatures will be at or above average for the month.

So was that it? The 3 week stretch from late December through early January?
While we can't say for sure that we won't have another snow storm (or two) the signals are certainly showing us that the return of a sustained bitter cold snap is highly unlikely. More wet than white over the next few weeks.

And MAYBE, perhaps, this guy might have gotten it wrong this year!

Thanks for reading, Mark

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