Winter storm warning in effect for parts of Southern New England

Snowfall Prediction

A winter storm warning is in effect for parts of Southern New England for Saturday into Sunday morning. Simply put, the areas shaded in pink will see the highest totals. Areas in blue will likely see less due to some rain mixing in with the snow at times in the afternoon and early evening.

I want to stress that we expect the snow to melt on the roads for a while before the intensity picks up and the sun angle gets lower Saturday afternoon. So the highest amounts will be on the grass...I don't expect many areas to have to shovel 6" of snow, perhaps those totals limited to the higher elevations farther inland.

Here's the storm timeline. Starting between 6-9AM and starts as all snow for the area:

The snow spreads inland but roads remain mainly wet, not white through noon.

As the storm intensifies to our east, a layer of warmer air will wrap in off the ocean and flip the snow over to rain across the Cape and parts of the SE Mass and southern RI coast. Obviously this will limit accumulations in these areas.

There is still a question as to how far inland this mix zone makes it. If the mixing presses into the Providence metro area then snow totals will be lower, more like 2-4". It's likely that the mixing doesn't quite make it that far inland but we need to watch it closely!

So bottom line, this isn't the biggest storm we've faced, not by a long shot. But travel will be slippery at times in the afternoon and evening on Saturday. The weather improves greatly for Sunday as the storm peels away early and a partly sunny sky develops.

Stay with StormTeam10 through the storm, Kelly & RJ have you covered on Saturday!
Thanks for reading & stay safe!,

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